Toronto switches haulers on trash route to Michigan

| 2/15/2006

The city of Toronto, Canada, has a new hauler to take the estimated 1 million tons each year of trash to landfills in the state of Michigan.

Toronto’s solid waste department is close to inking a deal with Republic Services to haul the trash, according to the Globe & Mail.

The former hauler, Wilson Logistics, was supposed to have the contract until 2020, but the company will opt out on March 31 citing factors of cost, wait times at the border and hours-of-service issues, the Globe & Mail reported.

Toronto will pay Republic Services $4.2 million per year more than the Wilson contract.

Republic Services is a U.S. waste-management company that owns the Carleton Farms landfill where most of the imported trash is already going.

Contingencies are built into the contract in case Michigan shuts the door on Toronto trash, according to the reports.

Michigan lawmakers, mainly Democrats, have introduced bills in the past to limit or halt imported trash, but so far the bills have not passed.