Georgia biodiesel rule clears state Senate

| 2/14/2006

A bill that would require 2 percent of the fuel used in school district vehicles throughout Georgia be a biodiesel blend passed the Senate on Monday, Feb. 13, by an overwhelming majority.

If approved by the House, the bill would require at least 2 percent of the fuel used in all local school buses and other school district vehicles to be biodiesel by 2010.

School systems in areas where biodiesel is unavailable would be exempt from the measure. School systems would also be exempt if the cost of the fuel was more than 5 percent higher than the cost of regular diesel fuel.

The Associated Press reported that one of the bill’s sponsors, Sen. Brian Kemp, R-Athens, said the bill is a small step toward decreasing dependency on foreign oil.

“This is no longer an issue about lowering energy prices and a cleaner environment,” he said. “Those are important issues, but this is an issue of national security.”