Ohio zeroes in on problem areas with Highway Patrol enforcement

| 2/14/2006

Highway Patrol officers in Ohio won’t be giving any fewer tickets on the state’s roadways, but a new initiative will supposedly make sure they’re given at the appropriate time and place.

To help lower the casualty rate in the state, State Highway Patrol officers are targeting specific roadways, situations and drivers, such as construction zones and aggressive motorists, according to the Columbus Dispatch.

The reconfigured ticketing actually began in 2004. However, Patrol Superintendent Paul D. McClellan announced this week that OHP would once again refine its patrolling area and ticketing to cover problem areas.

The goal, he told the Dispatch, is for the state’s fatality rate to fall from 1.17 per 100 million miles of driving to less than 1.00.

“I’m not interested in a trooper going out every day and writing every driver up for going a little over the speed limit,” McClellan said. “We can’t arrest the public into compliance with motor-vehicle safety laws in the state of Ohio.”