BioWillie comes to California

| 2/10/2006

Willie Nelson has unleashed his brand of biodiesel on California, a state notorious for its strict diesel standards.

BioWillie went on sale Wednesday, Feb. 8 at RTC, an alternative fueling station at Pearson Ford in San Diego.

The Associated Press reported that both Nelson and actress Daryl Hannah, who drives her own biodiesel-powered vehicle – were on hand for the unveiling.

BioWillie is a B20 blend – 20 percent biofuel, 80 percent diesel – that contains an additive to help it meet the strict standards of the California Air Resources Board, according to the BioWillie Web site.

The BioWillie brand is currently available at retailers in Texas, Georgia and North Carolina. There are nine stations in Texas that sell the product, with just one in each of the other states.