Safety-check requirements delayed for foreign hazmat drivers

| 2/10/2006

A federal deadline for requiring Canadian and Mexican haulers of hazardous materials to undergo background safety checks similar to U.S. hazmat drivers has been extended to Aug. 10.

President Bush’s federal highway funding legislation, signed into law in August 2005 as SAFETEA-LU, contained an original deadline of Feb. 10, 2006, to require checks on foreign hazmat drivers operating in the U.S.

The Transportation Security Administration announced the deadline extension this week.

The official extension occurs within Section 7105 of the president’s Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users bill.

The TSA started phasing in similar requirements for U.S. hazmat drivers in 2005. TSA officials announced that Aug. 10 would be the latest the safety-check portion of the legislation would be implemented.