Exxon exec says America will never break oil dependence

| 2/8/2006

A high-ranking executive from Exxon Mobil Corp. said this week that, not only will the U.S. always rely on foreign oil, but also that it is a mistake to even try to break its dependence on the black gold.

Reuters news service reported that Stuart McGill, senior vice president for the oil giant, made his remarks during a speech at an energy conference in Houston on Tuesday, Feb. 7.

McGill said it is a “misperception” that the U.S. can break free of its dependency on foreign oil.

“Realistically, it is simply not feasible in any time period relevant to our discussion today,” he said.

McGill said America depends on imports and that “no combination of conservation measures, alternative energy sources and technological advances could realistically and economically provide a way to completely replace those imports in the short or medium term,” according to Reuters.