British truckers find Canadian prairies jolly good

| 2/8/2006

The Canadian province of Saskatchewan is facing a driver shortage, according to industry representatives and CBC News.

The middle province, flanked by Alberta to the west and Manitoba to the east, has a lot of wide-open space and flat roads, similar to some Midwest U.S. states. The wide-open freedom of the road has been a selling point to recruit foreign drivers, CBC News reported.

Dozens of drivers from the United Kingdom have made their way to the Canadian prairies to get away from narrow and crowded European roads, according to the reports. Saskatchewan has recruited 95 foreign truckers in recent years, most of them British.

“When you show them videos and pictures of open skies, and explain to them that you can drive from Saskatoon to Regina and see less people and fewer buildings than they see on a city block in England, it’s attractive for them,” Doug Siemens, vice president of Siemens Transportation Group, told CBC Saskatchewan.

But the province is still short hundreds of drivers. Analysts and recruiters are thinking of branching out to more countries, according to media reports.