Reporting foreign repairs is mandatory for Canadian truckers

| 2/7/2006

Canadian motor carriers and owner-operators getting repairs done while in the U.S. may face changes in the protocol for reporting and accounting for the repairs, according to a Jan. 30 border services memo.

The Canadian Border Services Agency, sometimes called CBSA, is reviewing the policy in accordance with the Customs Act. The agency is also updating its list of contacts in specified geographical regions.

Canadian-based truckers, including owner-operators, must report repairs with an invoice at the nearest CBSA point when returning to Canada, according to the memo. There, the trucker obtains a stamp by a border service employee to verify the repair. Carriers can obtain forms to account for repairs on a quarterly basis.

Another part of the memo states that all references to the former Administrative Monetary Penalties System of the Act have been removed as part of the revision.

For more information on the Customs Act policy, or to obtain the 12-page memo, visit, or call the nearest CBSA regional office.

You can write to:

Manager of the Trade Incentives and Refunds Unit
Tariff Policy Division, Trade Programs Directorate
Canadian Border Services Agency
4th Floor, Killeany Place, 150 Isabella St.
Ottawa, ON, Canada K1A 0L8