Connecticut attorney general proposes trucking 'Hall of Shame'

| 2/6/2006

Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal is calling for the creation of a statewide “Hall of Shame” that would post every safety violation logged against every commercial trucking operation in the state online.

The Associated Press reported that Blumenthal asked for the Web site as part of Connecticut’s crack down on truck safety violators following a 2005 fatal wreck on Avon Mountain at the intersection of Route 44 anr Route 10.

Blumenthal said he wanted to make that information available to consumers to allow them to make informed choices and to urge individuals and businesses to shun the worst offenders, according to The AP.

Not everybody thinks the Hall of Shame would be such a good idea. Michael Riley, president of the Motor Transport Association of Connecticut, told The AP that he fears the list could portray responsible trucking companies unfairly.

Riley said a truck could be sidelined for something as simple as a burned out light bulb, and that would make the list. He said such a list wouldn’t necessarily give consumers the full story about the trucking companies.

“It’s case by case, and often times there are explanations that don’t get factored in and that the public wouldn’t have any way to know about,” he told The AP.