Wisconsin considers ethanol requirement

| 2/3/2006

This Wisconsin state legislature is considering a bill that would require all regular unleaded gasoline sold in the state to contain 10 percent ethanol.

The Telegraph Herald of Dubuque, IA, reported that the bill is stirring up some controversy in the state, drawing strong opposition from lobbying groups such as Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce.

The group claims that the law would mandate a product that “causes increased air pollution, and which will lead to more job-killing regulations on homegrown businesses,” the Telegraph Herald reported.

Supporters of the bill claim that it will create new jobs and lower gas prices in the state.

The bill includes some exemptions, such as small engines, boats, motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles that can’t burn ethanol.

The bill passed the Assembly in December 2005, and is currently awaiting approval from the Senate Agriculture Committee before going to a final vote before the full Senate.