Georgia working on biodiesel requirement

| 2/3/2006

The Georgia Senate is considering a bill that would require all government fleets in the state to use a 2-percent blend of biodiesel.

Unlike recent regulations in other states, however, the Georgia switch would be more gradual, ultimately happening by the year 2010.

The Rome News-Tribune reported that the Senate Transportation Committee voted to recommend passage of the bill to the full Senate Wednesday, Feb. 1.

The bill is sponsored by Sen. Brian Kemp, R-Athens, and Sen. Tommy Williams, R-Lyons. If passed, it would apply to state and local governments, including school systems.

However, a provision in the bill says that the governments would not have to use biodiesel at times when it is priced more than 5 percent higher than regular diesel.

The News-Tribune reported that Kemp and Williams are considering expanding the bill to include consumer vehicles statewide as well.