South Dakota governor orders state to increase biodiesel usage

| 1/27/2006

Gov. Mike Rounds of South Dakota signed an executive order on Thursday, Jan. 26, promoting the use of biodiesel in the state.

With the order, Rounds directed the South Dakota Department of Transportation to stock and use biodiesel-blended fuel whenever it is available and financially possible to do so, according to a news release.

The order comes on the heels of a biodiesel study conducted by SDDOT and released in late 2005.

The study recommended using a 2 percent biodiesel blend for the state’s DOT fleet and other state-owned vehicles. The study found that the 2 percent blend meets the lubricity requirements for ultra-low-sulfur diesel usage.

The SDDOT operates more than 1,200 diesel vehicles that use about 1 million gallons of fuel a year.