Groups push for biodiesel standards

| 1/25/2006

The Iowa Motor Truck Association is pushing lawmakers in that state to draft a standard for the production of biodiesel.

Citing the problems faced by Minnesota, IMTA President Scott Weiser told Radio Iowa that his group wants to prevent those same problems from happening in Iowa.

“(In) Minnesota, they did not have a manufacturing standard. They did not have a product standard,” he said. “There were no penalties for a substandard product being entered into the market.”

Weiser went on to say that companies from his association are planning on testing biodiesel in Iowa this summer.

Meanwhile, the National Biodiesel Board and the Minnesota Biodiesel Council have announced a plan to help curb biodiesel problems in Minnesota.

The plan calls for all biodiesel producers to become accredited under the NBB’s BQ-9000 quality assurance program.

The program has been in existence for some time on a voluntary basis, but Steve Howell, NBB technical director, said in a press release that the Minnesota situation called for stronger action.

“Although investigations have indicated that other factors unrelated to biodiesel may have led to at least some of the filter plugging reports in Minnesota, there’s no question that off-spec biodiesel can have a severe reaction in cold weather, even in low blends,” he said. “There’s no room for poor quality biodiesel in the marketplace.”