Diesel prices begin new climb after falling off

| 1/23/2006

The national average price for diesel increased 2.3 cents to $2.472 per gallon for the week ending Jan. 23, according to the Energy Information Administration.

Though there was a slight decline in mid-January, prices across the board shot up this week.

California saw the biggest increase, with prices there surging a whopping 7.1 cents to $2.674 per gallon, the highest in the country. By contrast, the rest of the West Coast saw a 4.3-cent rise to $2.608 per gallon.

New England had the second-highest prices, coming in at $2.668 per gallon. The Central Atlantic wasn’t too far away, at $2.610 per gallon. The Lower Atlantic region, however, stayed lower at $2.462 per gallon.

The East Coast, as a whole, saw a 2.7-cent increase to $2.516 per gallon.

The lowest prices in the country were found in the Midwest , at $2.423 per gallon. The Gulf Coast and Rocky Mountain regions weren’t far behind, at $2.432 and $2.435 per gallon, respectively.