Program moves a million trucks to off-peak port hours

| 1/20/2006

The operators of a program designed to ease congestion at the Los Angeles-Long Beach port complex say the program has transferred a million trucks to off-peak hours in its first six months.

The program, called Off-Peak, is run by PierPass Inc., and began in July 2005 with the expansion of port hours and a new fee structure for those using the ports during peak hours.

PierPass officials announced in a press release that the program reached its million-truck milestone in December, diverting more than a million truck trips from daytime traffic since it began.

Prior to the beginning of the program, PierPass said it hoped to shift 15 percent to 20 percent of all cargo movement in and out of the ports to off-peak hours. The company said the million trucks represent about 30 percent to 35 percent of the total traffic at the ports.

The Alameda Corridor Transportation Authority released a study showing that traffic on Interstate 710 during peak hours had dropped about 24 percent since the introduction of the program.

PierPass said that, on a typical day, about 10,000 trucks use the OffPeak program to deliver to the port during nighttime hours.