Fast-growing Virginia county targets unsafe trucks

| 1/18/2006

Residents and law enforcement officials in Loudoun County , VA , are looking for new ways to crack down on unsafe trucks in the growing community – including an outright ban on trucks.

The Associated Press reported that traffic from construction and supply trucks to the area has increased in recent years as new residential and commercial areas have been developed around Hillsboro and other areas in the county.

Chris Rizzo, a county sheriff’s deputy, told The AP that, on average, at least 35 percent of the trucks that are inspected at checkpoints by county deputies are too dangerous to be allowed to continue traveling.

Rizzo said the biggest problems are overweight trucks, unsecured loads and failing brakes.

County officials are unsure what measures will be taken to address the issues. The AP reported that the sheriff’s office has added inspectors – four full-time inspectors this year, as opposed to two last year.

Officials are also considering increasing fines, which are currently as high as $5,000 for a second offense. They are also looking at reducing speed limits in some areas, according to The AP.

But Hillsboro is going one step further, asking the state’s approval for an outright ban on trucks in the town.

No final plans have been set in place, however.