RFID technology headed to California ports

| 1/17/2006

PierPass Inc., the company behind the OffPeak program at the Los Angeles-Long Beach port complex, has launched a truck security program using radio frequency identification tags.

Under the TruckTag program, as it is called, PierPass will distribute 10,000 RFID tags to trucking companies that operate at the port. The companies will then distribute the tags to their drivers, according to a news release.

Neither the companies nor the drivers will have to pay for the first 10,000 tags. The marine terminal operators will cover the $1.2 million estimated cost of the program.

Upon arriving at a port terminal, the RFID tags will be read automatically by readers posted at the gate. Drivers will also have to scan their CDLs into a machine that will verify whether or not they have authorized business at the terminal.

Currently, drivers are required to show their licenses to security guards upon entering the terminal.

WhereNet Corp. of Santa Clara , CA , has been chosen to supply the RFID tags for the program, which is set to begin in March.