Truckers in Maine have the most dangerous job

| 1/17/2006

A new report from the Maine Department of Labor suggests that truckers have the most dangerous job in that state.

The Associated Press reported there were 54 on-the-job fatalities among truckers in the state between 1994 through 2004, the highest among any of the groups tracked. Next on the list were forestry workers – not including loggers – at 17 fatalities. The timber cutting and logging industries reported 12 deaths during that time period.

Truckers in the state also reported more injuries than any other profession – a total nearing 3,600. Laborers – excluding construction – reported 3,337 injuries, while nurse’s aides reported 2,841 injuries.

The report also said that truckers topped out the fatality list for the first six months of 2005. Of the 23 work-related deaths reported in that time, four were in the trucking industry.

The National Bureau of Labor Statistics ranked truck driving as the ninth most dangerous job in the country in a report it issued this past fall. Nationally, truck drivers had 904 work-related deaths in 2004.