Iraqi trucker's case goes to trial

| 1/13/2006

A high-ranking Iraqi intelligence official has testified in the trial of a Greenfield , IN , truck driver who has been accused of being an Iraqi agent.

Shaaban Hafiz Ahmad Ali Shaaban was charged in June 2005 with being an Iraqi spy who traveled to Iraq in 2002 and attempted to sell the names of U.S. agents and operatives to Iraq for $3 million.

The Associated Press reported that Shaaban also allegedly offered to organize “human shields” who would protect the Iraqi infrastructure when the U.S. attacked.

On Wednesday, Jan. 11, a former officer in the Iraqi intelligence service testified that he had seen Shaaban in Iraq , according to The AP.

Shaaban, who is conducting his own defense, maintains that he never entered Iraq and that authorities have him confused with his twin brother, whom prosecutors doubt exists.