California governor calls for truck lanes and toll roads

| 1/9/2006

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is flexing some muscle with his plan for California highways.

The governor’s annual State of the State speech, given Thursday, Jan. 5, included a proposal for truck-only toll lanes and high-occupancy-vehicle lanes on congested highways, and 600 miles of mass transit to keep up with a projected 30 percent growth over the next decade, his office reported in a released statement.

Schwarzenegger’s $107 billion transportation plan is part of a $220 billion plan for infrastructure, the environment and schools. Funding will come from federal sources and new bonds.

The governor estimates an 18-percent reduction in congestion through the construction of 1,200 miles of new highways and HOV lanes.

According to media reports, a California think tank called The Reason Foundation has advised Schwarzenegger to build truck-only toll lanes from Los Angeles and Long Beach through San Bernadino and up Interstate 15 to Nevada . The foundation also suggested toll lanes linking the Port of Oakland and Silicon Valley with I-5 via I-580.

Cleaner air, improved schools and flood control rounded out the governor’s plan.