IdleAire expanding anti-idling service at truckstops

| 1/5/2006

IdleAire Technologies Corp. is planning a major expansion with the installation of more units at truck stops.

The expansion will put 13,200 individual truck terminals in 210 locations in 35 states during the next 15 months, the company said. Locations will include TravelCenters of America, Petro Stopping Centers, Pilot Travel Centers and several independent sites.

Funding will come from the sale of $320 million short-term security bonds. Generating that kind of capital, the company said, puts IdleAire in line for a matching government grant of $42 million.

The company’s service, Advanced Truckstop Electrification, provides hook-ups for truckers to get filtered in-cab heating and cooling, electrical power and entertainment, according to an IdleAire press release. Long haul truckers can shut off their engines and plug into the unit through the passenger window using a $10 adapter to access the service for a per-hour fee.