Motorola joins XM and Sirius with subscription radio service

| 1/4/2006

With the success of XM and Sirius, is there room for another subscription radio service for your truck or at home? That’s the bet Motorola Inc. is making with its new subscription radio service.

On Tuesday, Jan. 3, Motorola introduced iRadio, a subscription music service that can operate in the home, over a vehicle’s specially designed stereo or using wireless headphones, all powered from the one device you’re never without – your cell phone.

iRadio is initially launching with 435 commercial-free radio channels, more than both Sirius and XM’s lineups combined. The cost of the service is expected to be $7 to $10 per month.

Unlike satellite radio, the service will use a combination of cell phone signals and computer-based downloads to deliver its programming. When a call is received on the phone, the music is automatically paused, resuming after the call has been completed.

Although the technology is ready for the market, no cell phone providers have agreed to use it. However, Motorola has said providers will make it available later this year.