Seattle heating oil drivers end strike

| 1/3/2006

Heating oil delivery truck drivers in Seattle have gone back to work after agreeing to new three-year contracts.

The strike, which started Dec. 22, 2005, ended Dec. 26, 2005, when the union agreed to new contracts that call for an annual increase in their economic packages, according to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

The agreements mean a roughly 4.5 percent annual increase in wages, health care and pension payments for the drivers.

Representatives from several of the companies involved told the Post-Intelligencer that the deal seemed like a fair one.

“It was a generous offer for the Teamsters,” said Jerry Hoefer, an owner of Glendale Oil.

In addition to Glendale Oil, the striking drivers work for Cascade Oil, Genesee Fuel & Heating, Olson Fuel, Pacific Heating Oil, Rossoe Energy Systems and Sound Oil Co.