Diesel price inches downward for second week

| 1/3/2006

The national average price of diesel decreased, albeit only slightly, for the second week in a row for the week ending Jan. 2, according to the U.S. Energy Information Agency.

The national average was $2.442 per gallon, down less than a penny from the previous week.

Nearly all areas reported drops in prices, with the biggest drop reported in the Rocky Mountain region. Prices there fell 1.8 cents to $2.392 per gallon. That was also the lowest average in the country.

Increases came in the Lower Atlantic and New England regions, which rose to $2.420 and $2.645 per gallon, respectively. The Mid Atlantic region fell slightly to $2.590 per gallon. The East Coast’s overall average stayed the same at $2.481 per gallon.

The Gulf Coast fell less than a penny to $2.414 per gallon, while the Midwest fell slightly to $2.412 per gallon.

California saw a slight dip to $2.538 per gallon, while the rest of the West Coast fell to $2.519 per gallon.