Three drivers find bad fuel in New Jersey

| 12/30/2005

A Petro USA gas station in Vineland , NJ , is under investigation following several reports of bad fuel purchased at the store.

The Bridgeton News reported that city police and the Department of Weights and Measures are investigating allegations that the station mixed its fuel with water and sludge.

The allegations came after three motorists reported that their cars broke down after fueling up at the station.

What made their stories peculiar is how they were given the fuel. The News reported that each of the three motorists asked the attendant at the station for regular gas, but after the attendant starting filling the tanks, he told the motorists that regular was running out and he’d have to switch to a higher grade.

The customers also said the gas pumps showed several more gallons in their vehicles than what they had paid for. One man said he paid $5, but the pump read 16 gallons.

The News reported that the Department of Weights and Measures found no traces of water in the fuel, but did find that the pump was dispensing gas with a green tint.