Court rules Michigan can change any speed limits

| 12/29/2005

A court ruled this month that the Michigan State Police and the state transportation department have the authority to change speed limits on state-owned roads, regardless of their location.

The Michigan Court of Appeals’ decision, released Dec. 21, overturned a circuit court finding that the MSP and Michigan Department of Transportation should not have increased speed limits 10 mph on two state-owned roads in East Lansing without the city’s consent.

In February 2004, the speed limits on Saginaw Highway and Grand River Avenue were increased to 45 mph and 35 mph, respectively.

The agencies said those limits more closely match the actual speeds traveled by vehicles on those roads.

MSP, MDOT and the state’s Transportation Commission appealed the earlier ruling, the Detroit Free Press reported.

The appeals court said state law gives the agencies express authority to override local changes to speed limits on state-owned roads.