Speed-enforcement vans set to launch throughout Illinois work zones

| 12/29/2005

If you’re driving in Illinois and spot someone spying on you from inside a van, you’re probably not being paranoid – the Land of Lincoln may very well be taking your picture.

Last week, the Illinois Department of Transportation announced that it would soon receive two photo speed enforcement vans. The vehicles, which will be leased and operated by a third-party vendor for a monthly cost of about $6,000, will be used to snap pictures of speeding drivers in construction zones, according to the Central Illinois Pantagraph.

“We’re not purchasing the vans or equipment,” IDOT spokesman Matt Vanover told the Pantagraph. “We’re purchasing a service.”

Although the vans are not expected to be in service for several weeks, large signs have already been placed along Interstates in the state, warning motorists that speed-enforcement cameras might be monitoring them.

Vanover told the Pantagraph he has not heard complaints from the public about the signs, despite the fact that the vans are not yet fully operational.

“We wanted to be able to get the information out as a public service,” he said.