Legislation would restrict billboards in Michigan

| 12/28/2005

Truckers and other drivers who lament the seemingly never-ending erection of billboards along roadways would get a slight reprieve under legislation in the Michigan Senate.

The Senate Transportation Committee advanced a three-bill legislative package Tuesday, Dec. 13, that would ban all new billboards along Michigan roads until 2009.

The legislation would bar the state from issuing new billboard permits unless the applicants give up billboard permits they already hold. In addition, a billboard advisory council would be set up and permit fees for billboard renewals would be increased.

A Senate Fiscal Agency analysis said about 14,500 permits for billboards along highways have been issued in the state. About 272 new permits are issued each year.

At least four states – Alaska, Hawaii, Maine and Vermont – prohibit billboards to be erected.

The Michigan Senate could vote on bill package next month.

The bills are SB567, SB568 and SB911.