North Carolina blames heavy trucks for damage

| 12/28/2005

According to a brand new state study, overweight trucks are causing tens of millions of dollars in road damage each year in North Carolina, and a state representative wants to do something to lessen the damage and recoup costs.

Rep. Nelson Cole, D-Rockingham, commissioned the study from the North Carolina Department of Transportation. The study determined that trucks weighing more than 40 tons caused nearly $130 million in damages in a year in all road categories.

NCDOT released its preliminary report this week, but a more detailed report is expected when the state legislature reconvenes in February.

Cole told the Eden Daily News the overweight trucks “ought to pay” for the damages. He said the General Assembly could possibly restrict not only weight, but also the exemptions currently granted to agricultural haulers on roads not suited for extra weight.

The author of the study, Judith Corley-Lay, stated heavy trucks caused roads to fail up to three years earlier than anticipated, which leads to more frequent overlays and repairs.