Wisconsin governor approves farm truck ID exemption

| 12/27/2005

For truckers traveling through Wisconsin , the sight of a farm truck pulled over for a federal inspection soon will be even more rare.

Gov. Jim Doyle signed a bill into law Tuesday, Dec. 20, raising the minimum weight requirement for farm trucks to display a federal identification number.

The effort was drafted after recent complaints that the Wisconsin State Patrol was enforcing a federal law requiring a U.S. Department of Transportation registration number on commercial motor vehicles or towed vehicles weighing more than 10,000 pounds.

The rule allows farmers with pickups and trailers, hauling livestock to local auction markets, to be in violation and subject to a ticket.

The new law, previously AB762, exempts farm trucks or dual-purpose farm trucks combined with any semitrailer or farm trailer if their gross weight doesn’t exceed 26,000 pounds from a requirement to obtain a federal ID number.

According to the Wisconsin Farm Bureau, Wisconsin is the only Midwestern state the ID number is an issue. Other state transportation departments focus their attention solely on commercial carriers and shippers.