Connecticut trucking company's equipment may be sold

| 12/27/2005

The assets of American Crushing & Recycling – including trucks and equipment owned by the company – could be auctioned off to pay debts.

The Associated Press reported that the receiver for the Bloomfield, CT, company, which has been in hot water since one of its trucks was involved in a fatal crash in Avon, CT, this past summer, presented his plan in Hartford Superior Court Friday, Dec. 23.

Some creditors are owed nearly $600,000 and would be paid with proceeds from the auction. Attorney Matthew Beatman said selling some of the assets could raise as much as $500,000 to pay claims, The AP reported.

A truck from the company was involved in a deadly crash on July 29 that left 4 people dead and 19 injured. Subsequent investigations found the company to be in violation of numerous safety regulations and the owner of the company was charged with attempted insurance fraud.

The company has also been fined nearly $50,000 by the IRS because the truck involved in the crash had dyed fuel in its tank. David Wilcox, the company’s owner, blamed the driver – who was killed in the crash – for filling the truck with the wrong fuel, The AP reported.

A hearing on the auction request was scheduled for Tuesday, Dec. 27.