Arizona given OK on speed-enforcement cameras

| 12/27/2005

The use of unmanned traffic-enforcement cameras on a stretch of Arizona roadway has been given its final green light.

For several weeks, city officials in Scottsdale , AZ , have been lobbying the Arizona Department of Transportation to add speed cameras along an eight-mile stretch of Loop 101. However, ADOT officials had delayed approving the plan until the city could upgrade several technical hurdles, including the placement of power sources and mounting poles, the Arizona Republic reported.

But now, all roadblocks have been removed for the cameras’ installation, which will cost approximately $600,000. On Wednesday, Dec. 21, ADOT approved the plan. Beginning in January, the city will begin adding the devices to six different locations along the roadway, making it one of the first unmanned speed-camera roadways in the U.S. , according to the East Valley Tribune.

Although motorists might not appreciate the new enforcement technique – which will dish out tickets at an average of $157 each, according to the Tribune – they won’t be able to claim ignorance. Along with the cameras come two 5’ by 16’ signs, one at each end of the enforcement zone, to notify drivers that their speed is being monitored.