Speed limit boosts eyed in Kentucky

| 12/23/2005

A Kentucky House lawmaker has filed a bill that would increase the speed limit for all vehicles on certain highways in the state.

Introduced by Rep. Rob Wilkey, D-Scottsville, the measure would permit drivers to travel 65 mph on the state's four-lane highways – up from the current 60 mph limit. Drivers already are able to travel 65 mph along interstates and parkways in the state.

Wilkey's effort is similar to a bill considered in the Kentucky General Assembly in 2004. In addition to increasing the speed limit on four-lane state highways, the measure sought to set the speed limit on interstates and parkways at 70 mph.

A House-Senate conference committee, however, failed to reach agreement on the bill.

The issue of higher speeds on interstates and parkways may once again be up for consideration when lawmakers convene the regular session that begins next month.

A possible compromise could raise the speed limit on interstates and parkways to 70 mph – in exchange for a primary seat-belt law, WKYT-TV in Lexington, KY, reported.

Bill Nighbert, Kentucky's transportation secretary, said he supports the higher limit. But, he said it should be tied to permitting police to pull over drivers for failure to buckle up.