Federal authorities crack down on cargo trucks in Miami

| 12/20/2005

In response to growing concern that the federal government isn’t doing enough to ensure cargo security, federal agents recently participated in a massive, two-day enforcement operation conducted by the Cargo Security Task Force at Miami International Airport.

More than 350 cargo trucks and four commercial airline warehouses were inspected, resulting in numerous arrests, violations and fines.

According to a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement news release, the inspections led to the arrest of a truck driver who was charged with resisting arrest and driving under the influence of alcohol.

Four violations of improperly packaged materials – including radioactive materials – were discovered. A fuel truck was taken out of service for having a “severely dangerous” fire prevention system, according to ICE.

In all, 52 fines totaling more than $17,000 were issued for safety and licensing violations and 19 commercial trucks were taken out of service. As if that weren’t enough, three people were found in violation of immigration laws.