New border bridge concept in place for Buffalo-Fort Erie area

| 12/16/2005

The third busiest border crossing between the U.S. and Canada will soon have a new look.

An appointed panel studied 33 concepts for an addition to the Peace Bridge crossing between Buffalo, NY, and Fort Erie, Ontario, Canada.

Panelists from both sides of the border deliberated for 12 weeks before deciding on a new design for the 1,600-foot bridge, which will have two 567-foot tall needle-shaped towers straddling the roadway on the bookends. The study group submitted the proposal Wednesday, Dec. 14, to the Buffalo and Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority.

The authority said 6,000 trucks cross the Peace Bridge daily, hauling $700 million in trade and commerce each week.

The conceptual bridge will reportedly add a new border crossing to the existing Peace Bridge, but the plan does not finalize the locations for customs offices or agents.

The Buffalo News reported construction could start as soon as next year.

A computer rendering of the bridge concept is available on the authority’s Web site,