Utah County to remove diesel emissions testing requirement in 2006

| 12/16/2005

Beginning next year, truckers who baseplate in Utah County, UT, will no longer be subjected to emissions testing.

Under the advice of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Utah County Commission is removing in 2006 the requirement for diesel-powered vehicles to be tested prior to being registered in the county.

According to Provo’s Daily Herald, County Commissioner Jerry Grover said the EPA “made it very clear that they were not interested in seeing a diesel testing plan. They didn’t feel like there was any science to support it.”

The move will end a decade-old policy in the county for the diesel testing, which was required for all diesel vehicles for model years 1967 and newer, according to the Daily Herald.

Steve Alder, manager for the Utah County Bureau of Air Quality, told the Salt Lake Tribune that EPA’s recommendation to eliminate the testing will help to debunk the theory that diesel engines are more pollutant than gasoline engines.

“Diesel engines may look like they pollute more because of the black cloud, but they don’t discharge the same level of carbon monoxide as do gasoline engines,” Alder said.