Ford offers iTunes songs in exchange for completing driver safety quiz

| 12/8/2005

A major U.S. auto manufacturer is doing its part to educate teens about safe driving.

Ford Motor Co. has partnered with the Governors Highway Safety Association for its third annual “Driving Skills for Life” program, which is designed to inform teens about safety behind the wheel.

However, the program makes very little mention of safe driving around big trucks.

The program – which consists of a Web site, promotional materials for parents and educators, and on-location programs in malls and schools – has added a new twist to its offerings this year.

On the program’s Web site,, teens between the ages of 15 and 18 can study a number of driver education materials, including information on following distance, right-of-way, braking and stopping distances. Unfortunately, while the information stresses paying attention to your surroundings, it does not teach truck-safety precautions, such as staying out of blind spots and adding extra following distance.

Once they’ve boned up on safety knowledge, they can take a 10-question “Final Quiz.” If they score eight out of 10, they’ll receive and e-mail within two weeks for 10 free song downloads from Apple Computer’s iTunes Music Store.

The added incentive of free music has made the Web site an enormous hit for several days, heavy Internet traffic brought the site to a crawl, but it seems to be fully operational once again.