Indiana Pilot truck stop to add security

| 12/7/2005

Under heavy pressure from town officials, a Pilot Travel Center in Burns Harbor , IN , is going to add security and a traffic barrier to its parking lot.

The Post-Tribune of Gary reported that an agreement was reached between Pilot and the City Council just before the council was set to take legal action Tuesday, Dec. 6.

Under the agreement, Pilot will hire its own security and will build a concrete barrier to prevent vehicles exiting the parking lot from making left turns onto U.S. 20.

The Post-Tribune said the move comes following complaints of crime and traffic congestion from residents and from the council.

Police Chief Jerry Price said his department doesn’t have the manpower to handle the calls it was receiving from the area near the truck stop.

In 2004, Pilot agreed to provide security in exchange for more parking spaces at the stop. But when no action was taken, the city filed an injunction against Pilot asking Porter County Superior Court to force the truck stop to comply.

The injunction was to have been presented Tuesday, but was scrapped after Pilot reached an agreement with the council.

Pilot will provide security at the stop for eight hours a day beginning Friday, Dec. 9. By Jan. 9, Pilot must increase that to 16 hours a day.