Port of Oakland ensures truck parking availability

| 12/7/2005

The Port of Oakland in California is scheduled to sign a deal next week that will give truckers a place to park – at least until a new place is found.

Following a parking protest by port truckers in May, the port leased 15 acres of the former Oakland Army Base and allowed truckers to park there. The lease on that space ran out in November, but a new deal will allow the truckers to continue parking there indefinitely until a new location is found.

The city and the port are searching for 30 acres either in or around the port to build a permanent parking lot.

The Oakland Tribune reported that debate is still ongoing over where the new parking facility will be built.

City Councilmember Nancy Nadel told The Tribune that she supports continued use of the army base and the eventual construction of a permanent parking facility there.

Some, however, want to turn the army base into retail space.

Whatever the final decision, the Port has promised truckers that they will not lose their parking spaces in the meantime. The Tribune reported that the 15-acres would remain open until construction is complete on the permanent structure.