Ontario to add more commuter lanes

| 12/6/2005

Vehicles carrying more than one occupant are being rewarded with their own lanes on two more Canadian highways.

The Ontario government is set to add more high occupancy vehicle, or HOV lanes to Provincial Highways 403 and 404.

HOV lanes are designed to encourage carpooling by allowing vehicles with more than one occupant to use a designated left lane. The measure is one way to reduce the number of vehicles and emissions and reward carpoolers with quicker commute times Transport Minister HarinderTakhar told Canada’s Truck News.

According to Ontario’s government Web site, trucks longer than 19.5 feet – or 6.5 meters – are not allowed in HOV lanes, which are designated by diamond-shaped markings.

HOV lanes are reserved for cars, pickups, motorcycles and buses carrying more than one occupant. Emergency vehicles are exempt from the restrictions.

The Canadian provinces of Ontario and British Columbia currently use HOV lanes and there are 130 HOV programs in 30 cities in the U.S.