President signs appropriations bill into law

| 12/2/2005

President Bush signed a controversial transportation appropriations bill into law on Thursday, Dec. 1.

The bill provides $65.9 billion in transportation funding for the current fiscal year that began on Oct. 1, according to Bloomberg news.

Portions of the appropriations bill stirred controversy earlier this year, particularly $452.5 million that had been set aside in the Highway Bill, signed in August, for the construction of two bridges in Alaska .

$223 million would have gone to the infamous “bridge to nowhere” that would connect the mainland to an island that is home to 50 people, an airport, and a ferry service.

The earmarks for those bridges were removed from the final version of the appropriations bill, though the money itself will still go to Alaska . Ultimately, Alaska officials will decide how to spend the money and could use it for the bridges.