UK driver-education company could add black boxes to training cars

| 12/2/2005

In Great Britain, Big Brother could soon be keeping an eye on … little brother?

According to British newspaper the Norfolk Eastern Daily Press, one of the country’s largest driver’s education companies, BSM – a subsidiary of insurance company Norwich Union – is considering adding black-box data recorders to its fleet of driver-training vehicles.

Unlike standard black boxes, which simply record information in the event of a crash, the data recorders being discussed would record all driving information, which would then be accessible to both the driving student and his or her instructor.

The devices are similar to those used to fine-tune diagnostics systems in Formula One race cars, the Daily Press reported.

Additionally, since BSM is owned by an insurance company, the information obtained on each driver could be used to tailor an individually based insurance plan, from premiums to the amount of coverage offered.