Canadian company creates cow fuel

| 12/2/2005

First it was chickens. Now it’s cows.

A Canadian company has opened a factory near Montreal that is producing biodiesel fuel made from bones, innards and other parts of farm animals such as cattle, pigs and even chickens.

ABC News reported that Rothsay, a division of Maple Leaf Foods Inc., has been producing the fuel at the plant since mid-November.

At full capacity, the plant will produce about 9.2 million gallons of biodiesel each year. The company said this is the greenhouse gas equivalent of removing 16,000 light trucks from the roads.

Canada’s total annual diesel use is about 52.8 million gallons.

Ron Wardrop, a spokesman for Rothsay, told ABC News that the plant is currently running at a quarter capacity. He didn’t know for sure when the plant would reach full capacity.