Trucker mugged by thieves dressed as police

| 12/2/2005

If it looks like a cop, walks like a cop, and talks like a cop, well, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a cop.

A Tennessee-based truck driver found that out the hard way when his rig was stopped by a dark sedan with flashing headlights. The car also has a flashing blue light in the grill.

The Associated Press reported that trucker Timothy Boyd was delivering a load of American Greetings cards to Bardstown , KY , near Kentucky Route 307, when the car pulled him over.

Boyd said he thought the men in the car – who wore black pants and black shirts with what looked to be yellow stars on their sleeves – were police officers.

At least, he did until one of them asked Boyd to get his license out. As he did, Boyd was struck in the back of the head with a flashlight. The two men kicked him while he was down and stole his wallet before taking off into the night in their vehicle.

A state police spokeswoman told “Land Line Now” that they’d had no reports of other, similar crime, but they definitely believe the trucker’s account of what happened.

-- Land Line staff