Immigration crackdown may or may not help trucking industry

| 12/1/2005

Owner-operators are concerned about illegal immigration, particularly when some hauling companies use the visa system to hire cheap labor and exploit workers.

Solutions to the illegal immigration problem may or may not be found in an announcement made this week by President Bush.

Bush’s proposed crackdown could help the problems in the trucking industry, but the end result remains to be seen.

On Tuesday, Nov. 29, the president called for a crackdown on illegal immigration during a tour of the Texas-Mexico border, according to media reports. He said he believes that fences, infrared sensors and cameras would go a long way to combat the problem.

The president endorsed more green cards to fill some U.S. labor needs as an incentive for legal migration. As a deterrent for illegal activity, the president called for quicker deportations and the construction of more jail cells. He also stated illegal immigrants would not be granted a path to citizenship.