Fuel retailer to reimburse customers for filter problems

| 11/30/2005

Anyone who bought diesel from a Tesoro Petroleum retailer in the Boise , ID , area earlier this fall and experienced fuel filter problems as a result may be entitled to a reimbursement for repairs.

The Idaho Department of Agriculture has reached a settlement with the Texas-based petroleum company in which the company has volunteered to reimburse customers who – between Sept. 1 and Nov. 10 – bought diesel fuel at stations supplied by Tesoro and later had problems with fuel filters.

Tom Schafer, chief of the department’s Bureau of Weights and Measures, said in a news release that the department launched an investigation after receiving more than 70 phone calls from people who experienced problems with plugged filters and plugged pre-filters.

Schafer said his bureau worked closely with Tesoro and Tesoro-supplied retailers to pinpoint the problem.

Though the department’s investigation is still ongoing and hasn’t determined the exact cause of the filter problems, it is believed they originated with fuel provided by Tesoro. Though the company has locations in other states, the problems are believed to have occurred only in Idaho .

As a result, Tesoro has agreed to reimburse customers who have had a problem and can provide proper documentation, including purchase receipts for the fuel and receipts for repairs.

The department said that problems could have occurred with fuel purchased between Sept. 1 and Nov. 10. Tesoro has 31 retail locations in Idaho.

Customers who have had problems are urged to contact their Tesoro retailer. For a complete list of Idaho retailers, visit www.tsocorp.com.