Bill would put 'God bless America ' on Alabama license plates

| 11/28/2005

An Alabama legislator is doing his best to keep his state’s Bible Belt status on the minds of every driver in the area.

State Rep. Steve Hurst, D-Munford, has prefiled a bill that would require all Alabama license plates – with the exception of some specialty and motorcycle plates – to display the words “God Bless America .”

“(The plates) will let all the people in America know that we are a Bible Belt state,” Hurst told The Associated Press.

Although the bill – which does not call for the removal of any current wording – is expected to be met with controversy from the state’s secular community, it also has another problem – where, exactly, to place the extra wording. In addition to identification numbers and registration stickers, state law currently requires the phrases “Stars Fell on Alabama” and “Heart of Dixie” to appear somewhere on the plate.