Trucking company in fatal wreck had prior record

| 11/23/2005

In a case that is beginning to sound similar to the American Crushing and Recycling case in Connecticut that began with a wreck earlier this year, a truck from a Minnesota trucking company that was involved in a fatal wreck has been found to have an existing record containing various violations.

The Associated Press reported that two people were killed Friday, Nov. 18, when the pickup truck they were driving struck a 21,000-pound aluminum coil roll that had fallen off the bed of a truck operated by Minnesota Commercial Railway Co.

The truck driver allegedly lost control of the semi as he drove along Interstate 35 near Clinton Falls , MN . He jerked the wheel to recover, spilling two of the coils in the process.

The AP is reporting that the company was cited for one or more out-of-service violations at least 10 times by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration during 20 inspections in the past two years.

What’s more, officials from the Minnesota State Patrol’s Commercial Vehicle Enforcement division said the company has been cited by the state an additional 39 times in the past three years.

The most recent was on Nov. 16, when one of the company’s trucks was cited for a general load securing violation, The AP reported.

The Nov. 18 crash is still under investigation by the state and a spokesman for the Minnesota State Patrol told The AP that FMCSA plans to launch its own investigation into the crash.