NJ begins $2,500 speeding fines for some first-time offenders in trucks

| 9/15/2005

Acting Gov. Richard Codey has signed a bill into law increasing fines for oversize trucks caught speeding on steep, local roads in New Jersey. The bill swept through the state’s Legislature by unanimous consent.

“It’s not safe for a truck that weighs four tons to be traveling at speeds in excess of 35 mph down a hill,” Assemblywoman Linda Stender, D-Union, the bill’s sponsor, said in a written statement.

The new law, previously A3096, allows municipalities to set a new range of fines for trucks weighing four tons or more that get pulled over for driving on roads with a grading of more than 5 percent. Offenders would face a $2,500 fine with any subsequent violations resulting in up to a $5,000 fine.

She is hopeful the effort will prevent rogue truckers from endangering other drivers.

“Strict fines will keep truck drivers at bay,” Stender said. “Truck drivers need to know that if they are willing to jeopardize the safety of motorists, they will be fined heavily.”

The new rule has been in effect since the end of August.