Oregon IDs will include facial 'fingerprints'

| 9/12/2005

Gov. Ted Kulongoski has signed a bill into law requiring a facial “fingerprint” on CDLs, regular driver’s licenses and identification cards issued in Oregon.

The new law, previously SB640, is billed as a tool to help fight identification theft. It swept through the Legislature.

Oregon residents will pay $2 more for the advanced security measures, which are expected to run the state more than $700,000 during the next four years, the Statesman Journal in Salem reported.

Currently, driver’s licenses and IDs have photographs. Under the new rule, the Oregon Driver and Motor Vehicle Services division will collect “biometric” data – digital maps of facial features – for each applicant. The faces of new applicants will be compared with others in a database.

When data matches those on file for a person, a license would be issued. The scan would be compared to millions stored in the state database to help prevent someone from getting a new license or ID in a different name.

Oregon joins 17 other states already using or planning to use similar technology, the newspaper reported.

The new rule takes effect Jan. 1, 2006.